Alfa - innovation in the world PoS mining and opportunity make money from usual actions

Compatible with Binance Smart Chain (Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask and others)


About token Alfa

Bitcoin and the vast majority of other cryptocurrencies work using Proof-of-Work (PoW) technology, as well as Proof-of-Stakes (PoS). This fact significantly limits their throughput.

Alfa goes a completely different way.

The heart of the network is the innovative mining technology Proof-of-Stake-and-Transaction (PoSaT). Token holders making transactions are rewarded. Thus, each token holder is a miner.

Alfa bandwidth provided by thank you network smart contract Binance Smart Chain, one of the fastest networks to date.

Usually, PoS transfers are subject to a commission and are considered safe only after multiple confirmations.

In Alfa, when a transaction is made, the user pays a transfer fee, but also receives a reward from the system.

Main advantages of the work Alfa

  • ma1

    Ability to add a token to any wallet compatible with Binance Smart Chain (Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask and others)

  • ma2

    Even developers cannot affect the work of a token, since a smart contract autonomous and only the Binance Smart Chain is required for its operation

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    Remuneration is accrued during the transaction, but no more than once a day

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    The mining pool is replenished with each transaction


What earnings are based on

The more coins on the wallet balance and the larger the mining pool, the greater the amount of reward each participant receives. Remuneration is accrued during the transaction, but not more often once every 24 hours. The remuneration is accrued to both the sender and the recipient, The need for remuneration is calculated individually for each participant.

The calculation of the remuneration will take into account the actual working time and number of valid tokens (from the date of the last reward), but not more than 30 days.
That is, in order not to lose interest, you need to make at least one transaction per month.

Thus, the interest rate per month depends on two factors: mining pool and purse balance.


Percent of reward

The reward percentage is floating, depending on the number of tokens in the mining pool and the balance of the user's wallet.

Maximum reward percentage per month:
  • from 1 token = 10%;
  • from 100 tokens = 12%;
  • from 1 000 tokens = 13%;
  • from 10 000 tokens = 14%;
  • from 100 000 tokens = 15%;

If you transfer a coin every day, then you constantly receive a reward up to 15% per month (0.5% per day), this is the main feature of the Alfa token.

Simple example: You purchased 1 000 Alfa to pay for any service or item. When you make a transfer, you will be charged to the balance at the rate of 13% per month (0.43% per day) from 1 000 coins (your current balance), i.e. 130 Alfa tokens per month (4.3 tokens per day).

Coins are distributed as follows:

Mining Pool

These are those coins that go to reward the community for confirming transactions;

Community Marketing
  • Online and offline advertising;
  • Promotion on the Internet;
  • Launch of events and actions aimed at increasing coin demand;
Development Fund
  • The development of tokens and infrastructure in general;
  • Payments to specialists (programmers, designers, copywriters, marketers, etc.);
  • Create additional services;
  • Control the value of coins and ensure the stability of tokenomics.

In the Alfa token, all emissions are transparent to users and 70% are allocated for the community!

Transaction time - not more than 3 seconds (generation time block in the Binance Smart Chain network).

One unit can hold hundreds and thousands of transactions, therefore, transaction processing speed is enormous!

A simple example: 500 million transactions were conducted in the Bitcoin network over 12 years. Alfa is able to process the same number of transactions for six months (using Binance Smart Chain, one of the most fast networks in the world).

Alfa token translations are completely secure, just like others transfers within the Binance network, because Binance is a global blockchain ecosystem and a provider of infrastructure for the cryptocurrency industry with a complex financial products, which includes the largest in volume Digital Asset Trading Exchange.

A coin can not only be calculated, but also earn on your usual actions!

You don't have to buy expensive mining equipment, pay for electricity and place devices, you can just make transfer and earn money on it!

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