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It is completely up to you. Nobody forbids you.

It is a unique link that allows you to receive a bonus from anyone who follows it and acquire MAVRO Tokens. For each new member (referral) you will receive a bonus in the form of MAVRO tokens in an amount equal to 10% of your referral's purchase of tokens.

Referral-bonuses are given for attracted participants. Boost your referral link and build your successful referral structure (see your account in the section "Your Partner Link").

MVR Token will be available immediately after ICO at Yobit. All the major exchanges that are in the market will be connected gradually after the ICO.

You can find Whitepaper here.

The code is open and you can find it here.

Right after the end of the ICO the emission of tokens will be stopped.

MAVRO Wallet App will be avilable in Q3 2018.

The ultimate goal of MAVRO is a worldwide economic system that will be completely transparent, secure and safe. A system that will improve the quality of life of each participant.

You will be able to use MAVRO Tokens to pay for various purchases and services, as well as store them in your personal wallet because the value of MAVRO will only grow.

The emission of tokens is limited. In this case, inflation within the system is impossible, tokens are used as forms of payment and the more time passes, the more plans the company will realize, the higher the liquidity of the tokens and, correspondingly, the higher their cost will be.

The growth of the company will be supported by the quality of the proposed product, which solves all the problems of traditional financial systems.

The MAVRO system no longer functions only by connecting new members. The new concept no longer has a single sign of a financial pyramid, MAVRO is protected from outside interference, a collapse of the course and actions of the authorities.

The system provides fast, anonymous and fully secure decentralized payments, as well as the function of using the system as a platform for creating transparency and automating the financial turnover of MLM companies.

The system is fully automated and decentralized. MAVRO is based on the blockchain technology. The shutdown of past projects occurred only because there was not enough technology to completely protect the system. Now these technologies have appeared and the MAVRO platform is based on them. The system will no longer be destroyed by human greed, control or lack of technology.

The system receives financial investments by providing its useful functionality to large companies.

Since 1994, the system has developed even without fundamental technology, absolute protection and transparency. The new system contains all the experience of previous projects, as well as a functionalilty that will finally allow the implementation of Sergey's plan created decades ago.